Newly emerged dragonfly from nymph case, BelgiumEuropean common house spider (Tegenaria atrica) in washbasin / sink next to plug-hole in bathroom, BelgiumGoat Moth (Cossus cossus) caterpillar in wood, GermanyPortrait of male stag beetle (Lucanus cervus) on branch, La Brenne, FrancePainted lady butterfly (Cynthia / Vanessa cardui) on plant, BelgiumLong-winged conehead (Conocephalus fuscus / discolor) on tansy flowers (Chrysanthemum vulgare)Small Red-eyed Damselfly (Erythromma viridulum) pair mating on leaf of water lily, the NetherlandsGreen tiger beetle (Cicindela campestris) sunning on dry sand in heathland and showing huge mandiblesLadybird in pupal stage (Coccinellidae)