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Johan De Meester

‘Groenreporters’ (Green reporters) is a team. Johan De Meester and Santina Raevens deliver made-to-measure photography and text within the range of nature, tourism, pets and environment. That implores that they mostly work outdoors, in Belgium and all over Europe. Indoors, in their photo studio, they work out your orders… from house plants up to house cats. Their publications, especially about nature-tourism are found in books and magazines all over Europe.

Common Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) eating raspberry, Belgium Shrimpers and draught horses (Equus caballus) with dragnet fishing for shrimps along the North Sea coast, Oostduinkerke, BelgiumTricolour Beagle dog running in gardenAmbiance during live rock concert, BelgiumThe statue of Ambiorix at the Great Market and the Tongeren Basilica / Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe Basiliek at Tongeren, BelgiumBadger (Meles meles) inside house, Somerset, UKStorm at sea, Côte Sauvage, Brittany, FranceNatterer's bats (Myotis nattereri) flying in cave, EuropeWild cherry / Sweet cherry (Prunus avium) buds bursting, and flowers emerging in spring, Belgium