Turkish and Kurdish men having tea at a sidewalk cafe in the city Van, Eastern TurkeyThe Fortress of Van / Van Citadel / Van Kalesi on the shores of Lake Van during thunderstorm, TurkeyEast Terrace: Heads of Antiochus I Theos and Heracles Artagnes Ares at Mount Nemrut / Nemrud / Nemrut Dagi, royal tomb from the 1st century BC in Ad%u0131yaman, southeastern TurkeyInterior of the Kocatepe Camii, largest mosque in Ankara, TurkeyConvoy of heavily loaded trucks transporting bales of hay over highway in IranIranian Muslim women wearing scarves buying vegetables and red tomatoes at food market booth in Gorgan / Gurgan, Golestan Province, IranWhite statue of the Persian poet Khaqani in front of the Blue Mosque in the city Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, IranMen selling carpets in carpet store in the old historic bazaar of the city Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, IranCruise ships on the Bosporus River and bird's eye view over the city Istanbul, Turkey