Tourists looking at seals in the seal shelter Ecomare, Texel, the NetherlandsColourful tulips (Tulipa sp.) in flower garden of Keukenhof, the NetherlandsStorm flood barrier / Oosterscheldekering / Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier at Neeltje Jans, part of the Delta Works that regulates the enormous tidal flows and harnesses spring floods in the NetherlandsDomestic Texel sheep (Ovis aries) ewe with lambs on dyke, the NetherlandsCyclist and thatched windmill at Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site at South Holland, the NetherlandsThe night watch by Rembrandt in delft blue, Delft, the NetherlandsOld town gate with drawbridge, Delft, the NetherlandsPeople on wooden clogs at cheese market, Gouda, the NetherlandsWindmill Den Haas at Zierikzee, the Netherlands