James' Flamingos (Phoenicoparrus jamesi) foraging in the salt lake Laguna Hedionda, Altiplano, BoliviaCacti (Echinopsis atacamensis / Trichocereus pasacana) on Isla de los Pescadores, Salar de Uyuni, Altiplano BoliviaSalt production at the Salar de Uyuni / Salar de Tunupa on the high plateau, Altiplano, BoliviaLlama (Lama glama) with ear tassels on shoreline of salt lake Laguna Colorada on the Altiplano, BoliviaRusty locomotive engines at cemetery of trains near Uyuni, Altiplano, BoliviaPotatoes for sale in large bags on market in Challapata, Altiplano, BoliviaOld women with traditional hats at market stall with souvenirs on display at the witch's market in La Paz, BoliviaFour-wheel drive vehicles driving on dirt-track on the Altiplano in BoliviaTourists visiting the eroded limestone rock formations in the Valley of the Moon / Valle de la Luna near La Paz, Bolivia