The statue of Saint Bernard in the mist at the Great Saint Bernard Pass in the Swiss Alps, SwitzerlandHousefront of traditional wooden house decorated with old skis in the Alpine village Grimentz, Valais, SwitzerlandWalker among Alpine cows (Bos taurus) with cowbell in meadow, Swiss Alps, SwitzerlandStatue of William Tell and his son at Altdorf, Switzerland Pleasure boats and the castle of Oberhofen along the Tunersee / Lake Thun in the Bernese Alps, SwitzerlandView over the Matterhorn mountain with alpine meadows and pine forests in the Swiss Alps, Valais, SwitzerlandTourists / Walkers walking along mountain path in the Pennine Alps, Valais, SwitzerlandDetail of traditional wooden granary / raccard showing a circular stone slab to prevent rodents from gaining access to the grain or fodder reserves, Valais, SwitzerlandChildren in traditional costumes herding goats, Alpaufzug, Appenzell, Switzerland